MONDAY 181001



Row or Bike

Crossover Symmetry

LAX to Shoulders


400m jog

Lie down on your belly with a PVC overhead in a wide(r) grip. Lift your chest and PVC then lower the PVC behind the neck and press back up. You’re basically doing a behind the neck press in a prone position. Complete 10-20 reps, nice and controlled.

On the last rep with the chest lifted, lean side to side like you’re doing an oblique crunch x 10 reps per side.

10 Dead Bugs

10 kip swings + :10 bar hang + 10 scap pullups

Review Strict and Push Press

Begin warming up with an empty barbell up to your working set in 7 minutes.


Strength and Skill:

Every 2 minute, for 10 minutes (5 sets):
Strict Shoulder Press x 1 rep

Suggested loads per set (by %): 80, 85, 90, 95, 95+

Once you have found your 1-RM (which you will use for this entire cycle), then perform the following:

Every 2:30 minute, for 5 minutes (2 sets):
Push Press x Max Reps @ 80-85% of today’s 1-RM.



Three rounds for time of:
400 Meter Run
30 Kettlebell Swings



Three rounds for time of:
400 Meter Run
21 Kettlebell Swings (24/16 kg)
12 Pull-Ups

Time cap of 14 minutes.



LAX to Plantar Fascia

Mash Lats on Roller

Partner PVC forearm Smash

Roll Posterior


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