MONDAY 1701002



Row 5oom

Crossover Symmetry

12 Banded Good Mornings


15 Dislocates

15 Good Mornings

10 Bird Dogs

10 Scorpions

30 sec Downward Dog

5 Push ups

30 sec Upward Dog

Review the Clean Pull and Push Press


Strength and Skill:

Four sets of:

Push Press x 4-5 reps
Rest 1 minutes

Clean Pulls x 3 reps
(perform these with PERFECT mechanics on first pull – chest up, weight balanced over mid-foot, then accelerate through the middle)

Rest 1 minutes

Take 14 minutes to complete.


Performance and Fitness:

Five sets for max calories/reps of:

30 seconds of Rowing/Biking (for max calories)
30 seconds of REST
60 seconds of Burpees to plate (for max reps)

Rest 2 minutes



Mash Quads

Roll Posterior

Couch Stretch

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