MONDAY 150914


Row 500m

Crossover symmetry

Bear crawl down

Inch worms back

15 KB good mornings

Samson lunges

Zombie walks back

10 push ups

15 Hollow rocks

10 pull-ups
Barbell and strength:
Every 2 minutes, for 24 minutes (6 sets of each)…

Station 1 – Hang Clean + Power Clean + Clean

(build to work as heavy as possible)

Station 2 – Ring Dips x 10-15 reps 

Against a 3-minute running clock, complete as many rounds through the following ladder:

Hang Power Clean + 1 Front Squat

Hang Power Clean + 2 Front Squats

Hang Power Clean + 3 Front Squats

Rest 3 minutes between sets, and complete a total of three sets.

Record reps for score

Couch stretch

Lax to glutes

Roll posterior

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