MONDAY 150511


Row 500m

10 good mornings

15 dislocates

Inch worm with a push up down

Spider-Man crawl back

10 pull-ups

15 hollow rocks

Five sets of…

Halting Clean-Grip Deadlifts x 3 reps – building arose the sets to a heavy load
(pause for 2 seconds at each of the following positions – 2″ below the knee and mid-thigh)

Rest 2 minutes


Every 90 seconds, for 15 minutes (10 sets)…

5 Hang Power Cleans*
15 Hand-Release Push-Ups

*Choose a load for the Hang Power Cleans that you can keep unbroken, but that will be extremely challenging in the later rounds.

Extra work:

Two sets of…
Supine Ring Rows x 10 reps of negative 3 sec descent
Rest 60 seconds

Hollow Hold or Rock x 60 seconds
Rest 60 seconds


Roll posterior

Lax pec and shoulder

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