Life Inside and Outside the Gym

So we finished up the Intramural Open this past week….5 weeks of struggle and excitement, camaraderie, and motivation.  Along with that experience comes opportunity….that may come in many new forms for different folks.  You likely made some new friends, made deeper connections with existing friends, got pissed off at Dave Castro and the like.  What we have learned from this process is that our lives are too short to not enjoy the journey and the memories along the way.  Frustration certainly surfaces when you cannot get your double unders, or you hit muscle failure on the last rep or you just cannot convince yourself to go faster.

But I challenge us all to take a step back and view what we do everyday?  For me it is maintenance and improvement physically and a network of people that make me better.  We lift heavy, run fast, throw our jump rope in frustration- all to take care of the body that God has given us to be better people and help others along the way.  Ultimately my hope for us all is that the Open and other competitions do not drive us to be better at exercising but rather to appreciate the life we each have been given.

We did not open the gym and start training people so they would become the best at exercising.  Rather our hope is that your lives will be enriched by each other.  That your hour spent at the gym is the best hour of your day….and perhaps the most challenging.  I do know one thing….I walk in the gym everyday surrounded by people that amaze me.  I show up not to just lift heavy objects but to make memories with everyone….to better my ability to serve others.

So as we go about our day and we get up early or go to bed late, think about the blessings in our lives.  The ability to help others along our journey and to live exciting lives.  We want CS&F to be a place that brings joy to your day so you can in turn share that with others.  We all live in a buy it or spend it world but I have learned that if we do not enjoy the people and memories around us our live will fly by us all with nothing to show for it.


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