Isolated and alone?

It can be so hard not getting caught up in the wake of society that drives us to chase after things of little long term value…, homes, clothes, status, and positions of authority…and many other material things.

These all seem like worthy things to acquire….because everything around us in the world tells us they will make us happy.  Every billboard suggests that more of these things will make us more content and will put a smile on our face.  What society does not tell us is that being connected to a community or group of people that allows you to create meaningful memories is of more value.  Here is what I mean…reflect back on your life and think of the relational memories you have.  Then compare them to any physical item you acquired and likely those items will fall short in terms of value to you.

The way the world works is that to acquire the next new thing requires financial resources and to acquire those resources you must work really hard.  Hard work can be extremely rewarding and even applauded…however when it requires continual long hours, it encourages time away from loved ones, and even the pursuit of wealth at the cost of friends….it usually is not worth it.  It many times creates isolation from others and sacrifices memories with others to gain these riches.

For me getting to see my friends at the gym is amazing.  I get to workout and work with my friends and others regularly.  I get to reflect back on each week grateful for those people in my life.  It does require hard work and at times long hours, but I have amazing memories along the journey to make each day and week well worth it.

The point I am making is that yes you can have things you appreciate and yes they can be of financial value, however make sure the journey to those things is enjoyable.  That you are creating memories along the way with others.  Life can be taken away very quickly without warning…enjoy it now with others.  Do not allow the pursuit of things to rob you of present joy and friendships….as those things usually do not create regret!

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