Is Health Insurance protecting your health…..NO!?!

I heard a quote last week that went something like this….

“Health insurance does not protect your health, it only attempts to protect your wallet.  If you want to protect your health invest in your fitness”  -Greg Glassman

My thought is this….most people I talk to view a gym membership as a cost, but based on the above it SHOULD be an investment that YOU are measuring returns on, much like an investor.

We believe to get the most out of your investment of a gym you need to work with a professional.  This is why you see so many New Years Resolutions fail…people try to go at it alone without a professionals help.  And professionals in their industry are not cheap but they are well worth their investment and then some!

Here are a couple points:

1-Do you do your own trading or investing of money (some do but likely do extensive research)?  The majority will answer no to this question.  So what do you likely do?  You hire a money manager that helps you set a strategy, much like you need a manager of your fitness as you are unique with unique plans for your life.

2-Once you select your money manager, you meet regularly throughout the year (a few times) all while you are making regular deposits into the set strategy. Meaning you are working the plan that you have mutually put together.  (You are coming to the gym regularly and putting some work in)

3-Another thing you should be doing is tracking your progress to see how your investments are doing.  Like everything in life you may see some durations that do not yield perfect results, but the trajectory should be favorable.  Just like in the gym, you should see results…tangible results.

4-You should hold that professional to the amount you are paying them for their expertise.  They should certainly cover their cost and then some with the results they provide.  If you are paying LA Fitness $45 you should expect that type of return.  If you are paying a personal training you certainly should be seeing great things.

5- IMPORTANT- You should be investing to be able to utilize your resources with others and to enjoy the journey.  You never want to save so much that you do not enjoy the journey.  You need to have loved ones to share the journey with or it is not worth it….a community/family to celebrate the highs and mourn the lows with.

All of these thoughts are tied to an analogy to show that a gym membership can be a cost if you are not using it to better yourself OR in can be an investment that can better your life forever.  Your health should thank you for that monthly investment.

**We offer a hybrid membership that combines personal training and group classes to ensure you are meeting with a professional regularly to check in.  It also provides a community of folks to experience life with and to share the results in the gym with.  We believe it is a recipe for success.


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