If you are not Pre-Habing you will be Re-Habing!

Catchy title, but what does that mean?

We use the term Pre-Hab to mean that you should be constantly taking care of your body before and after excercise.  You should be considerate of the way your body was designed, which we will come back to.  Utilzing a proper warm-up and cool down, following a stretching and mobility protocol which we prescribe each day, and eating properly.  If that does not happen you likely may find yourself re-habbing or trying to recover from aliments.

Your body was not meant to sit down constantly, it was also not meant to be stagnant, it was designed to do manual labor.  Spending hours at a desk typing on a computer is putting the body in a compromised position from the way it was intended to operate.  So what should we do?

You should get up, move around, exercise often, eat natural foods.  While exercising your body is fighting against the unnatural positions that your body has adjusted to (sitting in chairs, shoulders forward from typing, and other issues).  So assuming that exercising and not working to correct these issues through stretching and mobilizing joints and muscles is not a good recipe.

A younger person does not run into these potential ailments as often for several reasons….they are often more active, they are moving more and less stagnant, and they are not fighting against years of bad positions.

So the idea is this…if you assume that you can take your body and run miles, lift heavy weights or even do Zumba classes without taking care of your body outside those activities you are mistaken.  Runners often deal with tons of injuries due to high impact and very tight hamstrings and muscles, due to lack of flexibility.  Other sports hold true to this as well….take care of your body especially as you age.  Flexibility is most often ignored and because of it….it leads to many avoidable injuries.

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