I dare you to find better people!

I thought I would brag this morning….but not about anything other than the great folks I get to hang out with and train with.  It is that feeling you get after you see your kid do the right thing while others are not….boasting and proud….with a big smile.

Every gym/affiliate will say they have a great community of folks, BUT I know we have the best.  From our coaching staff, who totally rocks and cares about everyone of our members so much to our intern Celine who comes to hang out and learn each week.  You may ask, “What makes your gym the best”?  I would some it up in one word….LOVE.

And I do not mean the mushy Valentine’s Day teddy bear love, although GUYS do not forget it is less than two weeks away (Free Pro Tip for you).  It is about the action word LOVE.  Our people genuinely care about each other in a tangible way.  It is not forced and it is authentic.  I get to watch people help each other inside and outside the gym everyday.  Guys getting together every other week to talk about guy stuff over coffee.  Watching ladies schedule girls nights out together.  Sending encouraging notes to each other on FaceBook or Instagram after a tough day, and the list goes on…these are the actions of love.

I have no other intentions of writing this but to brag on the awesome folks I get to hang out with each day,  And possibly to let others know that they are missing out on a life changing group of people…and they will get the fittest they have ever been as a side bonus.

Our goal is to change lives and help you get fit along the way!


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