How to have a great life via your gym…

The gym is often viewed by people as a means to an end…a way to shed the weekend indulgences or even nightly ones.  It is a hopeful pathway to shed the freshman 15, the hopes of a flat stomach, and to shed off the beer belly.  We want it to yield results for our clients, BUT we want it to be so much more than a place to workout.  We HOPE that is yields a better life outside the gym.  We have 5 things we want our members to do….really anyone- to have a great life.  It has very little to even do with the gym, in fact only 1 of the 5 bullets even mentions the gym.  Have a read of what they are and see if you do not agree….

  • Come to the gym at least 3 times a week and perform functional movements (things you do in everyday life), with intensity and put together with variety to ensure it is challenging but fun.
  • Get out in nature once a week…cut the grass, go for a hike, play with the kids in the yard, get outside and take in some fresh air and some sun.
  • Eat natural foods….eat nuts and seeds, lean meats, vegetables and some fruits.  This is what fuels your brain and body….much like an expensive car you need to fuel it properly.  An easy rule is shop around the perimeter of the grocery store.
  • Learn a new sport.  Your brain and body craves to be stretched and the muscles you have built in the gym are meant to be used for just that.  It can be a leisure sport like golf or a lifetime sport like tennis….all the way to a more active sport like soccer.
  • Go on an adventure once a year….that can mean a lot of things to many people.  It can be very budget friends, such as go camping in a new place along with some hiking.  On the more expensive end, so to a new country….but see and try new things.

To accomplish these types of things we believe you need:

  • A coach to help guide you nutritionally and physically.
  • A community to learn these sports with and take adventures with.
  • A positive attitude, because that just makes life better for everyone!

The point of this blog is that we view the gym and fitness as not a grind but rather a doorway to an amazing life.  A life filled with awesome people who want to grow alongside you….encourage you and share memories.  We have made some of our best friends via our gym.  If you want a change in your life…I guarantee we can likely help you…it takes some courage to start but we will walk you through it!

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