How to be fit for life

Our intention for all our clients is simple: To help you gain fitness that you maintain for life.

Much of this comes down to what we call general physical preparedness (or GPP). This essentially means being prepared for anything physical life throws your wayboth the joys and the challenges.

We want you to:

Have the confidence to go skiing at 60.

Enjoy a hike up a mountain with your kids and grandkids.

Have no problem walking a mile across terminals through a big airport.

Be able to pick up a couch and move it across the room.

Be able to sprint down the stairs and escape if your house is on fire.

The PerformanceLongevityHealth Wheel

To achieve this GPP for life, we focus on three important pieces of the health and fitness wheel: performance, longevity and health.

To stay fit, healthy, and generally injury-free for life, you need a blend of all three of these qualities. On the flipside, too much emphasis on any one of the three pieces, and youll end up less fit, less healthy and most likely injured.

For example, if 100 percent of your energy goes toward performance and improving your physical fitness, youll likely end up pushing too hard too often and end up injured or burnt out. On the other hand, if youre only concern is nutrition, you will miss out on working on improving your physical fitness. As the digraph shows, the happy place where you will be most successful is right in the middle, where longevity meets both health and performance.

Coach for life in a Hybrid gym model

When you train with us, you dont have to worry about finding this all-important balance on your own. Youll have a coach for life to help you navigate the process, and ultimately manage your health and wellness, again by helping you balance the three pieces of the wheel.

You will find this health-wellness balance through personal training with your coach, individual programming, as well as group classes, where you will follow our all-important code for fitness.

Some of the important parts of this code, which will help you become GPP for life, include:

1. Functional movements: Multi-joint movements that translate to life. We all need to be able to put our hands over our head and we all need to be able to squat and deadlift. Picking up keys off the ground is just a deadlift. Getting off the toilet is a squat. While the hockey player might strive to achieve a 400-lb. back squat, grandma wants to be able to squat to full depth in her old age. The point is, no matter what level of fitness youre at, we all need to be moving functionally.

2. Accessory Work/Prehab/Rebab: A big part of fitness comes down to how well you move. Moving efficiently involves developing body awareness, learning how to recruit the right muscles, as well as improving muscle imbalances, strengthening your joints, and constantly working on your mobility, flexibility and stability. The better you move, the less likely you are to get injured.

3. Varying Intensities: In life and in sport, in order to develop a broad fitness, you need to be able to work in different energy systems at varying intensities. This doesnt mean every day is intense, but pushing the intensity is important from time to time (i.e. the performance part of the equation).

4. Skill Development/Play a Game: Consistently developing new skills and learning new sports will help you maximize your physical and physiological adaptations to different sorts of stimuli.

5. Nutrition/Diet: While everyones dietary needs are different, we will work with you to discover what your body needs as fuel.

6. Community/Relationships: Were social beings who crave connection with other human beings. Much of what keeps people coming back to work on their fitness year after year has to do with the social/community side of what we do. In other words, lifelong friendships form when youre part of our communityrelationships that will enhance your life.

Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you get fit for life.

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