Hollow Position

The Hollow Position

The key position we need to establish for our kipping pull-ups is called “The Hollow Position.”  The position calls for three main points according to Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, a little gymnastics guru.

  1. Your lower back, butt, and heels should be touching the ground. Think about pushing your belly button to the floor.
  2. Legs and arms straight and together with toes and arms pointed.
  3. Staying tight, your head & shoulders come off the ground with ears glued between your shoulders.

If we can establish and hold this position we’re in a good place to move to the next step. If not, we want to practice getting to the perfect position here. This can be done with a patient progression.

  1. Start with your legs straight and feet together laying on your back.
  2. Squeeze your big toes and heels together.
  3. Place your arms, palms down, at your sides.
  4. Lift your shoulders up off the floor while squeezing your ankles, quads, and gluteus.
  5. Hold for 20 – 30 seconds
  6. If you can hold for 30 seconds, go ahead and bring your arms overhead keeping your elbows locked out and rotating through your shoulders. Be sure to keep your shoulders off the ground.

Description taken from CF Invictus blog.

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