Here are 4 logical reasons to invite your friends to our gym and an easy way to do it….

We all have at least one friend who we really want to bring to CrossFit.

You two would have the best time and you know they’d fit right in.  There’s just one problem.  At this point, you’ve driven him or her crazy with your endless babble about how awesome CrossFit is.  And surprise, emotionally telling someone to do something just because it’s awesome isn’t a great persuasive argument.

Ok, so you’ve done some damage by being a bit of a CrossFit weirdo – but it might not be too late to convince your non-CrossFitting friends to give it a try.

Here are 4 perfectly logical reasons your friends should try CrossFit:

1. Ditching the globo gym will reduce your carbon footprint

Think of all of the treadmills and TV screens running 24 hours a day along with the air conditioning which runs on full blast all year round.  When you consider that most of the electricity we use today is created by burning fossil fuel – you might just need to join a CrossFit box because it’s your duty to Mother Earth!

2. The social aspect of CrossFit can develop you into a consistent fitness buff

If your biggest issue is working out inconsistently, the social pressure of your fellow classmates encourages you keep coming back.  If not for the workouts, then for the relationships you begin to develop with coaches and other athletes.
Making friends as an adult is hard, but not in the CrossFit world.  The sport is known to bring out the best in people and that fosters some very positive and long lasting relationships.

3. After a while you can literally become addicted to working out

CrossFit is structured in a way that can chemically alter the way your brain thinks about working out.  You can literally become addicted to it in the same way so many people are addicted to Candy Crush Saga.

CrossFit is essentially the gamification of working out, and gamification has been proven to trigger a release of dopamine, the molecule behind our most sinful behaviors and secret cravings, into your body.

4. You’ll experience “optimal anxiety”

This means your mental productivity and performance reaches its peak.  Stepping out of your comfort zone (aka the elliptical) increases your state of relative anxiety. This extends to things that you do outside of the gym as well.

You’ll start to do lots of everyday things differently.  You’ll be more productive, you’ll have an easier time dealing with new and unexpected changes, you’ll find it easier to push your boundaries in the future.
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