Have you lost that lovin’ feeling?

I think everybody remembers that seen where Maverick, aka Tom Cruise,  and Goose (Anthony Edwards) serenade Charlie (Kelly McGillis) in the bar once they arrive at Top Gun.  Yep…you are probably singing it in your head about now…. Great movie no doubt.

So while you are finishing that verse think about this….have you lost that loving feeling for fitness?  No I will not be posting a video of me singing, but let’s talk about it.

I believe we all go through ups and downs in life in many areas of life including our health.  We prioritize it for months on end then fall into a rut.  So…how do we get out of the rut?

It goes back to that first time we fell in love or at a minimum enjoyed it.  That usually came with a goal in mind.  As simple as that sounds you had something tangible you were chasing (inches lost, stronger body, keeping up with the kids, etc).  Much like Maverick in a way….he saw the good looking lady in the room and made it a goal to pursue and win her over.  It was fun for him and led him to falling in love.

So what was or what is your goal?  Do you even have a goal anymore?  Many people I talk to get on the path of fitness but get lost along the way because they do not know what the path is or where it leads.  Even more interesting is the get to that goal and forget to make a new one.

Write your goal down and tell someone, like a coach or good friend…ask then to keep you accountable.  And even better bring some friends along for the ride…before you know it you may like it and even fall in love again.


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