GUEST BLOG: Get the Maximum Benefit for Weight Training with Chiropractic Care

I’m sure that most of us know that lifting weights and developing strong muscles will help you in many aspects of life, but did you know this is especially true with back pain? According to research done at the University of Alberta, and presented at the American Academy of Sports Medicine, weightlifting enhanced quality of life for back pain patients by up to 30%.

What was interesting finding in this study was that strengthening only one part of the body was not enough to see the results. The max benefit came from bench presses for the chest, lateral pull-downs for strengthening the back, and leg presses. All three together were correlated with pain reduction. When strength increased in those exercises, pain and disability decreased. More frequent training led to better results. The research was done on 240 men and women who had no back surgery, damaged vertebrae or nerve problems. All had chronic, non-specific lower-back pain as a result of injury to soft tissue in the lower back (strain/sprain). All patients experienced positive results.

Why is Chiropractic important in weight lifting? Weight lifting makes the body stronger by putting more stress on the muscles, bones, and joints forcing them to adapt and become stronger. However, the same stresses (from weight lifting) can also misalign the spine. This misalignment is what chiropractors call a subluxation. Subluxations can pinch the nerves that are exiting from in between the bones of the spine leading to pain, dysfunction, and loss of workout time. You may be working out to better yourself, but can often unknowingly be causing progressive harm.  Especially if you are someone that really pushes yourself in a higher intensity or workout with heavier weights.  

In addition, the subluxation/pinched nerve complex can result in decreased muscle strength, scar tissue formation, and soft tissue injuries. Now, here is the worst part.  All of this can be happening without any symptoms. So you feel good while your body is being damaged, which can lead to more serious degenerative problems if it is not detected and corrected in time. 

Not only that, but subluxations in the spine can also rob you of your performance in the gym by forcing a plateau in the gains your body can make with weight training. A licensed Chiropractor can locate these subluxations and relieve the stress caused from weight lifting. This will help prevent injury and allow you to progress further with your workouts.


About the Author: Dr. Adam Hayes

HealthSource of Cumming

Dr. Hayes earned his Bachelors of Science from Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN and his doctorate in Chiropractic from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, TX

He is certified in the CBP technique: Chiropractic Bio-Physics. This technique focuses on the correction and optimization of the spine back to their normal curvatures. It is the most effective method of correcting the spine and the most heavily researched

Most importantly, Dr. Hayes is a husband to his wonderful wife Karen, and a father to his three boys Ethan, Kenny, and Chris.  His passion lies in the joy of educating his patients and helping them to find their highest level of Health.  Helping his patients, both to heal, discover and express their God given potential is what gets Dr. Hayes motivated in the morning.  He also enjoys the outdoors and takes time to go hiking and biking whenever he can.  Dr. Hayes enjoy reading in his spare time and love all things SciFi and Fantasy. 

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