Fundamentals: Rebuilding…one day at a time

It was a phone call after a recommendation from their physical therapist to help rebuild their strength that changed the direction for the Davis daughters.  Tina, their mother, called and Jill answered the phone….

Tina explained that her daughters, Alexa and Aleta, were competitive gymnasts, (Level 8/9).  Alexa suffered muscular problems in her back which after extensive physical therapy did not allow her to return to the sport of gymnastics.  As for Aleta, she as well suffered a back injury in gymnastics, but her injury was a stress fracture to her lower back area as well as a slippage in her spine called spondylotisthesis.  After extensive therapy and doctors’ visits, Aleta and Alexa, were recommended by their physical therapist to call Cumming Strength and Fitness as a way to strength the lower back area.  The therapist knew the unique approach that CS&F took in starting out their athletes via their Fundamentals program.  This allowed them to be under the watchful eye and coaching of Jill in a personal training environment until they could meet certain strength, conditioning, and performance benchmarks prior to graduating.  The girls started out lifting PVC but quickly adapted as Jill eased them into moderate weights and functional movements to re-build them back to health and make them stronger.  They progressed quickly and the itch of competition they were used to from gymnastics never would subside.

In February 2014, about 9 months into their rehab training, their coaches suggested they both compete in their first CrossFit competition at the Garage Games One.  At that time, both girls took 1st place in their teen age divisions.  The girls went on and continue to compete in regional and national level competitions…have great success winning most of them.

We are grateful to have them in our community and lives.  We are also grateful they have allowed us to train them and be a part of their comeback story.  We expect to see great things from them in the 2016 Open and years to come.

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