FRIDAY 200918


200m Jog
15 Dislocates
10 Behind the Neck Presses
Standing PVC Shoulder/Lat Stretch

20 Lateral over the PVC hops
10 Down Ups

With an Empty Barbell…

Prep the Front Rack with Up and Outs
10 Presses
5 Dips
5 Presses from the Split Position
5 Split Jerks

Strength and Skill

6 sets, every 2 mins for 12 minutes:
2 Split Jerks @ 70%

3 sets, every 1:30 for 4:30 minutes:
1 Split Jerk (building to heavy single)

FITNESS 200914

Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 Meters
15 Goblet Squats

Time cap of 16 minutes.


5 rounds for time of:
• 400m run
• 15 Overhead squat 95/65#

At Home Warm-up

When the running clock starts, perform the following…

Two sets of:

200 Meter Jog
100-Foot Suitcase Carry Each Arm
100-Foot Single-Arm Overhead Carry Each Arm
10 Single-Arm Deadlifts Each Arm
5 Single-Arm Hang Clean and Jerks Each Arm
60-90 Second Plank Hold From Elbows

Rest 60 Seconds

At Home 9/11 Tribute workout

When the running clock reaches 20:00, perform the following…

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 20 minutes and 1 second, of:

BUY-IN: 2001 Meter Run or Row (ONCE)

Followed by…

11 Step-Ups
11 Pull-Ups OR Bent-Over Rows
11 Push-Ups
11 Toes to Bar OR V-Ups
11 Backpack Deadlifts
11 Backpack Hang Power Cleans
11 Backpack Front Squats
11 Backpack Shoulder to Overhead
11 Wall Climbs


Mash Quads on Roller
LAX to Shoulders/Traps
LAX to Feet

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