FRIDAY 180413



Row or Bike or Skip Rope

Crossover Symmetry

Banded Shoulders


LAX to traps and Shoulders

10 Dislocates

5 Burpees

3 Wall Walks

10 Scorpions

High Knees Down

Bear Crawl Back

Review the Seated Press


Strength and Skill:

Five sets of:

Unsupported Seated Strict Press x 3-4 reps
(sit on a bench without back support and press the barbell from shoulder to overhead)

Rest 2 minutes

Take 14 minutes to complete.


Fitness and Performance:

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 15 minutes of:
400 Meter Run
8 Strict Pull-Ups
12 Strict Handstand Push-Ups



Mash Calves/Achilles

Roll Posterior

LAX to Shoulders and Plantar Fascia

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