FRIDAY 170818



Foam Roll for 2 minutes

10 High Box Step ups

10 Ring Rows


200m Jog

Zombie Walks Down

Twisting Lunges Back

5 Burpees

15 Squats

10 Push ups


Strength and Skill:

Three sets of:

Dumbbell Walking Lunges x 20 steps
Rest 60 seconds

Single-Arm Dumbbell or Kettlebell Row x 10-12 reps each arm @ 21X0
Rest 60 seconds

Take 12 minutes to complete.


Fitness and Performance:

For time:

400 Meter Run
50 Wall Ball Shots
40 Box Jumps or Step-Ups
30 Dumbbell Shoulder to Overhead
20 Toes to Bar
400 Meter Run


Time cap of 14 minutes.



LAX to Plantar Fascia and Traps

Calf Stretch on Rig post

Roll Posterior

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