FRIDAY 161014



Row 2 minutes

20 Banded Good Mornings

10 Yoga Push Ups


Zombie Walks Down

Butt Kickers Back

Banded Sprints Down and Back x2

Boxed Hamstrings hold 30 sec x 2


Fitness and Performance:

Three sets of:

Deadlift x 6-8 reps @ 2 sec descend
Rest 90 seconds

Ring or Stationary Dips x 20-25 reps
(more advanced athletes may perform the dips from high rings – starting each set with a muscle-up)
Rest 90 seconds



Three rounds for time of:
500 Meter Row
15 Hand-Release Push-ups
25 Kettlebell Swings (32/24kg)

If you have a training partner, perform this as a team of two, with one person trailing the other. As soon as partner A completes the 500m row, Partner B jumps on and rows while partner A performs the push-ups and swings.



Roll Posterior

Wall Splits

Mash Triceps on Barbell collar

LAX to Pecs/Shoulders

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