FRIDAY 160729


Run or Row

Bear Crawl Down

Inch Worms Back

Crossover Symmetry

15 Hollow Rocks

10 Scorpions

10 Yoga Push ups

2 Wall Walks

Handstand Practice (holds/walks)

10 GHD Situps


Fitness and Performance:

Every 2 minutes, for 18 minutes:

Minutes 1-2, 7-8 & 13-14: Muscle-Ups x Max Reps in 45 seconds
(OR 3 Rolls to Candlestick + Low Ring Muscle Up Progression x 3-4 reps)

Minutes 3-4, 9-10 & 15-16: Handstand Walk x 10 meters
(use partner assist or Handstand Wall Runs if you don’t have handstand walks yet)

Minutes 5-6, 11-12 & 17-18:
L-Sit Hold x 45 seconds accumulated time



Against a 3 minute running clock, complete:

400 Meter Run
Wall Ball Shots x Max reps
Rest 3 minutes

Repeat for a total of three sets.



Mash Quads with Barbell

Couch Stretch

Roll Posterior

Banded lat Stretch

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