Fitness or Food first?

It seems that most folks we encounter believe that their lack of activity will yield physical transformations that they come to us for.  While we certainly can see them and they do occur, we know that activity is only a part of the equation.

Food is the foundation of life….it fuels our activity, can/cannot create inflammation in the body, and can fuel lean muscle mass or fat.  The point is the food intake needs to be natural and not processed.  The challenging part is that the food industry which is worth several Billion dollars is very good at marketing and cost reduction in their processed food options the sell.  They sell us low fat, sugar-free, gluten-free, organic, etc. all in the hopes to coerce us to choose their processed options.

An easy way to choose natural and better options is by selecting options that do not have food labels, meaning no added ingredients.  The best way to accomplish this is to shop around the border of the grocery store:





Point of it is that the world we live in was designed to feed us, while there are some great tasting foods out there made by these companies that should be enjoyed every now and then….they should be limited.

Point of this article being, food fuels your training and activity efforts.  You cannot out train the lack of fuel or the quality of that fuel.  By cleaning up the diet it will only expedite the results in the gym.

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