Feeling fat despite spending hours at the gym?

Many folks often come to us that say they need to burn more calories and to do that they need to pound the pavement or hit the treadmills for hours or even do 45-60 minute group classes.  The fact is that is the biggest lie and far from the truth according to experts.  Just google high intensity training to get plenty of data to support that fact or read this info.

So if you are conditioning your body more than 20 minutes on a regular basis you are actually generating more fat than muscle.  Also another thought is that doing bodyweight or light weighted movements will “tone” and burn more fat.  That too is wrong in the long run.

The body responds to stress positively when applied appropriately.  The central nervous system allows the body to build muscle in response to heavier loads being moved over distance, which is also the definition of power.

All this to say, make sure you are exercising with intensity and not just volume if your goal is to burn fat.  And to be able to do that you cannot possibly maintain any level of intensity for more than 20 minutes consistently….even 30 minutes of interval work gets pointless.  The mindset should be quality over quantity.

Finally- pick up weights that are challenging for lower repetitions.  Doing 500 bicep curls with a 5 pound dumbbell you are waisting your time.  The workouts should have rep thresholds in them that take volume into consideration.

You should include heavier lifting and also perform your conditioning work at a high level of output/intensity if your goal is to reduce fat.

Keep training!

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