February Athlete of the Month: Amanda Austreng

When did you start with Cumming Strength and Fitness? June 2016

Favorite Workout?
  Anything with cleans!

Least Favorite Workout? 
 Anything with snatches.

Favorite Movement?
Cleans or back squats

Least favorite Movement?

Tell us a little bit about yourself (family, job, sports, military, interests, etc.).
Married to Tony, who is a longtime CS&F member. Our two girls Sadie and Olivia keep us busy. We love to be active and can often be seen on the tennis courts when not at the gym.

What were you doing before you joined CS&F?
  Working at a preschool. I would come home and just feel drained and lazy. I finally joined CS&F to be more active and do something good for my body.

What was the first CD you bought?
   Probably Garth Brooks

Favorite Cheat meal?
Chick Fil A

What were your goals when joining CS&F and have you achieved them?
I wanted to increase my energy and endurance and not feel out of breath so easily. Not only do I have better endurance but I also feel a lot stronger!

Do you have any other special memories/ achievements during your time here?
  I love the energy and support  during the Hero WODs and the Opens.

What advice would you give to a newbie just joining Cumming Strength and Fitness?  
The hardest part is walking through the door, but once you are in, you will have an incredible amount of support, encouragement and resources from the coaches and other members!

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