frequently asked questions

How do I get started?

Schedule a call to see what all the hype is about! One of our professional coaches will answer all your questions!

I am new, how do I learn all the movements?

We offer a one-on-one fundamentals program to make sure you learn all of the essential movements to get started into Group Sessions safely. You will go over squatting, pressing, bodyweight movements, instruction on warm-up, mobility and even nutrition. We will ensure you get all the coaching you need!

What is your drop-in policy?

Members of out-of-town affiliates that have been doing functional fitness for over 6 months are welcome to drop in to any of our normally scheduled group coaching sessions for $25 per visit! The joy of fitness has always been in the community of amazing individuals, and we never want to lose sight of that. If you would like to stay for multiple days or weeks, give us a call or email and we’ll get you situated with a temporary membership.

What value is in a membership at Cumming Strength and Fitness?

As a member you will be assigned an individual Coach For Life who will assist you in every way to make your goals a reality. During classes, you will actually be coached by our professional staff of coaches to make sure you're moving properly and staying safe. In addition, you will have access to an Inbody Body Composition scanner, Nutrition Guidance, Open Gym during non-class hours, childcare, social events, showers, on going one-on-one coaching sessions, and continuing education class options.

Do you offer a kids area?

We offer a designated kid’s area for children to play in while their parents workout. Certain hours are supervised.

am I too old?

Never. Age is just a number. How you feel is the real indicator of age. The demands of an Olympic athlete and a grandparent differ only in degree, not in kind. We all desire to maintain our independence for as long as possible. What we do are movements that replicate everything a toddler does to a 90 year old….functional movements.

Where can I find pricing information?

We don't list pricing because it is specific to each persons goals and needs. We customize a package to each client we have with a professional coach.

Do you have showers on site?

Yes, we do! We are a gym built for busy professionals. We know you need to get cleaned up after a workout and get back to work so we've got you covered.


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