Embarrassed? You are not alone…

Have you ever done something that was completely embarrassing?  Perhaps you did something and others saw it and that made it even worse…that nauseous feeling in the pit of your stomach that you can do nothing about.  That is a hard feeling to shake off sometimes.

Have you ever felt embarrassed about who you are or who you have become?  That is tough to admit and even harder to deal with internally.  The truth is….we all have things to be embarrassed about at times in our lives.  Whether it is a mess in our houses, the way a relationship may have unraveled, or perhaps the way we have let our bodies go?

As we mature in life and other priorities vie for our attention it is not uncommon to put things on the back burner….we prioritize our kids, work, spouse, family….what others may think of us.  It can quickly become a trap that has no way out of it.  All the while the first thing that likely suffers is your health.  We start to stress, then we eat things with high fat and sugar to cope, and we stop exercising as we tell ourselves we don’t have time for it.  Before you know it you feel disgusting, you are mad at yourself, and you have little motivation to get started.

You are embarrassed.

This is a very common conversation that we have with folks each week.  They have an issue and we work together to create a solution for them that gets them back on track with goals, accountability and a pathway to success.  The enemy in this process is self loathing and the couch aka not doing anything.  Take a very simple step and reach out to us….we are happy to see if we can help get you on the right path and back into a life of confidence!


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