Eating on the Go

Strategies for Prepping with a Busy Schedule

  • Hiring a food delivery service or chef
  • The Sunday ritual (preparing for the week ahead each Sunday)
  • The breakfast ritual (preparing for the day ahead each morning at breakfast)
  • Pre-cooking Protein
  • Pre-chopping vegetables
  • Liquid nutrition (getting nutrients from shakes, food bars etc.)

Restaurant Eaters

  • Choose custom meals
  • Use the 5 habits
  • Choose compliant restaurants
  • Look at the menu and nutrition facts ahead of time

Frequent Fliers and Travelers

  • Choose a hotel room with a kitchenette
  • Carry a cooler if it is car travel
  • Take a look at restaurant menus and nutrition facts in advance if possible
  • Bring protein supplements
  • Bring green supplements
  • Homemade or store bought protein bars for emergencies

*it is a challenge to eat on the go, but it is very doable. It comes down to the same type of planning and choosing the right foods.

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