Don’t get caught in the current of life…

This has nothing to do with gym life but everything to live a good life.
Let’s discuss relationships…but a heads up- I am no expert. I am fortunate to have known some really smart people though so I can share what I have learned, so take it or leave it.
If you let the current of society take you where it wants to go it will erode your relationships, even the ones that matter the most….marriage even.
Think about it….nothing in society encourages long term relationships or intimacy. With consumerism and the trends pushing us towards isolation and eventually self driven motivations. Cell phones are distractions, a world centered around immediate pleasure and the thought of dealing with consequences is an after thought until it’s too late.
Point is this, we must be intentional with those we view as important to us. My wife and I go on a date once every week or two, it is a priority to us. Our time investment shows our priorities period, that cannot really be argued. Here is a true statement I heard that sums this up….”you cannot have quality time without quantity of time”.
I challenge us all to evaluate where we put our time, as that is what will lead to quality time and meaningful relationships. If you find yourself being pulled by the current of society you cannot simply swim you may have to get out of the river and build a dam to protect what matters most.
Our life is made up of relationships, and I do not want to look back in regret of not spending my time wiseLay with those that matter most to me. Even worse watching relationships crumble due to me not setting up boundaries to protect those that I love the most.
Invest your time wisely.  This goes beyond relationship…health and fitness too.

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