Do you want FREE CrossFit?

Yes….if you want to get CrossFit for free you can have it.  Just go to any gyms website or even and grab one of their workouts and get to work.  You can workout when you want and can even pick which workout you want to do…..Not what you expected??

Well- then why do people ask about cost, because if you wanted a functional movement fitness program for next to nothing, you can use the Google and find plenty of them….so why not?  I believe the mentality is that it is not a cost but an investment in your future, but for fun, here are three things to consider:

1- You have no idea how to do the movements properly or in a safe manner, so you need expertise.  You likely need a coach that understands you and your needs and even limitations.  That expertise, much like a lawyer, chiropractor, or any professional requests a professional wage to get their expertise.  It is a mutual exchange of value.  Just like you….you have intrinsic value for your knowledge and you deserve to be compensated for that knowledge.  I know when I look for a provider that I am getting health service from I do not shop price alone.

2- You need accountability to stick with it, especially on those cold winters days or the days you just are not motivated and need a reminder of The Why!  That too requires time and effort of a coach who puts their energy towards their clients success.  At our gym our staff loves everyone and genuinely care, so they love doing this for people….a text or message checking in….even a hand written note.  There is value in that process to find someone who cares and wants to see you win inside and outside the gym.

3- We all need people around us that are a positive influence…a  community of new friends and an adoptive family of similar people to encourage and motivate you along your lifelong path of fitness.  This is often the magic of the process as a year into your fitness journey at our gym, you will find yourself planning weekend trips with your “workout” friends.

There are other reasons why the investment  in our program is well worth it:  goal tracking, nutritional feedback, a coach for life, and more.

We have a specific program to take anyone from couch to CrossFit no matter the background.

Give us a call and we would be happy to discuss if we are a good fit….sometimes we are not and we will tell you.  We want the right people looking for a lifelong relationship.

Talk to you soon!

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