Do I eat ice cream? Yes. Everyday? No.

There is a common misconception in the macronutrients world right now.  When I say ‘macro’ world I am referring to those who weigh, measure, and log all of their foods daily to achieve a certain protein, fat, and carb allotment that fits their goals and their bodies.  The misconception is an easy one to understand.  All we see are pictures of people slamming doughnuts, eating pop-tarts, and taking selfies of their amazing physiques while doing so.  Guilty.  Not the pop-tarts necessarily but the doughnuts and selfies…maybe.

You must understand and know deep down that these people did NOT achieve their body composition on a diet of junk foods, right?  It is actually quite the contrary.  Now, I do know that there are some people out there who can achieve that 6 pack while eating junk foods as long as it hits their macros.  I and my coaches and my gym however do not embrace that style.  We believe 100% in eating whole, real foods.  90% of my diet is based on lean meats, vegetables, fats, and some grains/dairy.  This DOES include the occasional doughnut, ice cream cone, or bowl of cereal.  I do not restrict myself from eating things I enjoy.  What I DO is make sure that the majority of what I put into my body is clean and healthy.  After switching to this form of eating over a year ago, I found much freedom in being able to make food choices without the ‘guilt‘ of it not being paleo or of it ‘ruining‘ my clean eating habits.  BUT my diet is still very much paleo sprinkled with the occasional treat. 

So yes, I eat treats and I enjoy them.  I do not however slam doughnuts and Swedish Fish all day long…however as much I would like to, I know it is not the best for my body or from a longevity of health perspective.  Keeping things in balance is the key to success with your eating and with your life.  I have found this way of managing my food to be very enjoyable while at the same time fueling for performance and body composition goals. 

If you are a flexible dieter I encourage you to also find most of your nutrients from whole, healthy foods.  You know you can fit that piece of cake or pie in at some point in the week for sure…reward yourself.  But to keep your body at its top performance and level of health go for the greens.

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