Diets….which one? Intermittent Fasting, Paleo, Zone, Meal Plans, etc.

When it comes to food, it seems impossible to find the right diet that will get the right results for you, doesn’t it??  There is a new type of diet that pops up everyday and they all seem to promise results if you will just buy into it.  Everyone around you seems to be seeing results except you….how frustrating can it get?

So how can you find the diet or approach that will fit your body?  The right answer truly is, there is no such thing as one diet that will fit everyone.  Because of that we strongly feel you NEED a coach to help you navigate this topic.  Think of it this way….how can one diet take into consideration hormones, medicines you may be on, or your specific energy output or lack of it?  There are so many other factors that go into how the body handles the food you ingest that one solution will never fit all.  Also having a coach there to aid you through any plateaus is vital to help you tweak things to keep you seeing progress.  Not to mention your personality….think of intermittent fasting as a small example.  It is a great approach for some with good results but may not work well for those who are not disciplined about the fasting part and who may fall victim to overeating on feeding days.  Same goes for paleo as the natural tendency is to eat way too much fat (bacon overload).  There are other diets that seem to be easier for the forementioned personalities like a meal plan, but the participant often times rely too heavily on the planner of the meals and never educates themselves on how to survive beyond that menu.

As you can see there are pitfalls in all diets that are out there for a variety of reasons.  That being said, I would never recommend a diet that I am on solely based on its results for me….rather we consult with you and learn about you first.  Then we apply education around food and how to enjoy it while attaching it to your desired results with a long term solution.

SO many folks come to us looking to shed pounds by way of exercise, which is awesome, but it ultimately goes back to diet and the fuel or lack of fuel you ingest into your body.  SO if you are sweating it out to Richard Simmons, spin class, or what not, the magic solution is the kitchen if you are looking for abs, lean muscle mass, etc.

Feel free to reach out to us to discuss what has worked and has not.  We are happy to see if we are a good fit for your needs.


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