Christy Constantinides – Whole Life Challenge Winner and Testimony

Congratulations to Christy Constantinides on winning our Whole Life Challenge!  Not only did she show serious dedication by sticking to the plan for 8 long weeks but she also lost 6% body fat and she improved her work capacity by close to 90%!  Job well done Christy!
Read her testimony below and how clean eating and fitness have impacted her previous heart condition:
Hunter and Jill –
Just want to drop you a note and tell you guys thank you. You may not know but I have had a heart condition since the birth of my second daughter in 2003. I was diagnosed with vasovagal tachycardia. Which is an erratic racing heart beat that sometimes results in fainting. I have to follow up with my cardiologist every 6 months for rechecks. A recheck usually consists of a echo cardiograph, an ultrasound and a treadmill stress test.
This past week I had my normally scheduled appointment. But this time it was different… My cardiologist came in to evaluate me. He immediately asked how I was feeling & what have you been up to? At that point, I proceeded to tell him I started CrossFit in December and that I was doing it 3 times a week. He said “Well I see your outside looks like it’s good lets listen to the inside.” After examining me he said everything sounded great. He then proceeded to tell me that I had picked the perfect workout for my heart. He also said, “there is no need to do the treadmill test, you are stress testing your heart three times a week with CrossFit.” He said, “unless your having a problem, I’ll see you in six months.” I was thrilled!!
Thank you for providing such a challenging workout regimen and fun environment for me to train my heart!!!
Full of appreciation,
Christy Constantinides

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