Carrots and Kale and Bones…Oh My!

“Fat makes you fat”. 

“I only eat 600 calories per day..why am I not losing weight?”

“I need to workout more and eat less”.

I hear these statements ALL the time.  They are all very common misconceptions about food and how the body works to burn fat and create lean muscle.  Let’s get one thing straight…eating food is a GOOD thing.  Your body requires it to function properly and ultimately to lose weight.  If you are under eating your body will not process food and nutrients efficiently.  When you under eat…your body goes into starvation mode..yes…it actually HOLDS ON to fat for fear that it won’t ever get another meal.  It’s pretty smart.  So many people, specifically women, believe calorie restriction is the only way to lose fat.  Yes – eating carrots and kale all day long will make most bodies skinny but that does not mean that it is HEALTHY  You will not be able to hold on to any lean muscle, your hair will fall out and your nails will look disgusting and you will become prematurely wrinkled…but you will be boney for sure.  Who wants that?

Health and having a healthy body is what we are looking for.  Achieving optimal body composition, having energy, being able to workout like a boss and chase your kids around…all requires whole, healthy food and a LOT of it.  Don’t fall into the trap of under eating and under fueling your body…it is a well crafted machine that requires premium fuel to function to its maximal potential.

If you have goals to lost weight, feel better, get a six pack, gain lean muscle…really any goal that is nutritionally oriented…we have a nutrition specialist ready to take your questions and help you build a plan for your personal goals.  Email Rachel at to set up a time for a phone call.

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