Book a date with the gym

We all have every intention to get to the gym BUT before we know it- it is Friday and I only went once this week….the self-shaming begins.  We all have great intentions to take care of our bodies by eating awesome food and get those 8 plus hours of sleep to take care of our body- but that is not always reality.

I have long believed that it is not the lack of intentions but as I have written about before, it is discipline.  It takes determination and will to get up early or to head to the gym after a long days work.  One thing that certainly helps is booking a date with the gym.  Putting it on your calendar and blocking that time for yourself can be a great tool to help.

We have a reservation tool via our management software, ZenPlanner.  You can actually download the app from the app store to your mobile device.  It will allow you to reserve your classes for months in advance, if you want to.  You can even enter your workout results, see who is coming to class with you and how people have done on a workout.  Point of this is- you can book your workout ahead of time.  That provides yourself a sense of commitment, like scheduling a doctors appointment- accept this one helps you stay out of the doctors office.

So while reading this, go to your app store….search Zen Planner, then download the Member App.  It is a great start to creating a habit of scheduling “you” time in your life at the gym with all your friends.

See you at the gym!

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