Best Investment Ever?? Not necessarily a gym membership

So you are likely thinking that I am going to say a gym membership is the best investment that you can make?  Well…that can be true if you do not have one or one that you are not using, but that is not the point of this.

When someone thinks about investing, they likely think about the stock market, real estate, or even a savings account (why do they even have those anymore?).  These are all great investments if you are looking purely for a financial return…assuming the conditions are right and you know what you are doing.  But what I would suggest is the best investment???  The best investment is in yourself for financial gain, happiness and overall a better life.

YES…you!  That could mean a lot of things to a lot of people and can go in many directions:

-Getting your college degree

-Finishing your college degree

-Going to get a MBA or graduate degree


These are all worthy things to purse but they cost money, so how about a FREE way to invest in yourself with return?

Never stop learning!  Here are 2 easy ways to tackle this:

1- Read or listen A LOT:  With the amount of content available for free via the internet you should never run out.  I do not like to read, so I can utilize podcasts, or audiobooks too.  Find new things to learn about, try new things, play a new sport or activity.  All of these things cause you t to learn and that expands your horizons.  This in turn will create a new passion for things you never thought you would do and bring a new sense of courage to continue to learn new things.  You will then at some point want to share these new learnings with other directly or indirectly.

2- Ask others:  If you have a boss or have a close friend, as them how you can help them.  This will likely add new tasks on your plate at work, but will cause you to learn skill sets to eventually replace your boss….thus giving you a skill set for a promotion.  Be careful asking your spouse for obvious reasons 🙂  But go ahead anyways as you may be forced to learn more about yourself or how to do new things.

Doing just these two things will likely lead to furthering your career or even finding a new career.  You will have stimulated your brain and opened your mindset to new horizons that you have yet to experience.

We often times get caught in the flow of life and the current/undertow takes us through our daily rituals without us thinking.  We remain on autopilot too long and forget to think outside of the box and invest into our future.  Take the time to learn…and join a gym too while you are at it….perhaps ours. 🙂

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