ATTITUDE: It is a choice, so choose happines

In psychology research, Transactional Analysis, is deemed that we as humans all make decisions out of three primary ego state (Child, Parent, and Adult).  While I am no psychologist I do love to watch how humans interchange among these different ego states during stressful scenarios.  It is the people that have enough self awareness of these states that can choose happiness despite stressful scenarios.

The three ego states are: Child, Adult, and Parent

We can all quickly imagine the child state, with temper tantrums and quick reactions out of emotion.  The adult state is very rational thinking and uses critical analysis to solve problems.  The parent is often critical and mimics how parental figures of our past reacted to things.  All three of these ego states have great value but knowing when to use them to your advantage is key.  Emotion, critical thinking and rationality is very necessary in life.

So….what does any of this have to do with attitude?  EVERYTHING

This theory says that we all can shift from one ego state to another to solve emotional problems, and folks that cannot control these appropriately could be classified with an emotional disorder.  SO before you claim someone having a disorder think about this…..

“IF” we have the ability, which we do, to shift emotional states then we can control our attitude.  That being the case, then we can alter our outlook on life.  Attitude is everything and can alter the outlook on life.

So again, what does this have to do with fitness?  Well it has a lot….you can control and motivate yourself to take care of yourself.  If your attitude is always in the “child” state being emotionally reactive to people and scenarios then you will lose confidence and likely not take proper care of yourself.  (BTW- it is normal to be in the child state, just not all the time)

So be aware of the lens you view life through as you very well may be sabotaging your happiness and in turn missing out the chance to enjoy life more.

Pro-Tip:  If you are in the heat of an argument with someone who is clearly emotional in the child ego….ask this simple question and it will end the argument and move them to the adult ego.  “What do you want out of this conversation?”  then listen.

This is evident that we can control our attitude.  SO you get to choose how you live your life despite the environment you live in.


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