Athlete of the Month for April: Doreen Benisek

I started with CS&F Spring of 2014.

My favorite workout has to be Fran (I love Thrusters)

Least favorite workout has to be anything with Snatches!!!!

My favorite movement is Thrusters and I do like Clean and Jerks!

I have been married for almost 27 years to my wonderful hubby, Glenn.  We have three amazing children and a dog.  Ally 22, Gaby 18, Glenny soon to be 16 and our dog, Cubby, who is 10.  We have traveled the world together.

I used to work at an accounting firm until my husband decided to accept a job overseas in Switzerland where my second daughter was born.  

I have always been pretty athletic as a younger person.  Gymnastics was first and then my sister and I were Ice Skaters on a team.  

My husband and I ski every year along with our kids. I tore my ACL two years ago skiing and I thought my life working out and skiing were over.  Thank goodness for CS&F (I did not take much time off). Along with Barbara Johnston and my amazing friends at CS&F I continued getting my knee back to normal (and still am).  I am always striving to achieve goals consistently!  

My favorite music to work out to has to be Linkin Park or 80’s music.

My favorite cheat meal is red wine and pizza!!!!!!

I just love coming to workout at CS&F!  I have met so many great people here and have had many great times!

If I were to give any advice to anyone joining I would say do not be intimated because I always get a great workout whether I do performance or fitness. 

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