Are you making deposits or taking withdrawals?

Have you ever gotten that sense of accomplishment when a project is complete but dreaded the start of it….even procrastinated “it” for as long as possible.  You know- had weeds taller than your kids, or small things growing off that pile of dishes in the sink….even worse for the guys… was living out of the dryer through college.  

In life we all have those things that we need to take care of regularly or they become mountains of a mess and take a lot of effort and time to clean or fix.

I once heard a well known pastor say that there are certain things in life that take daily deposits to make long term impact….let that “sink” in, pun intended from above.  Basically whatever you daily prioritize will see long term growth, organization, and/or development.  You can certainly place many everyday tasks in that bucket such as keeping up with laundry, cleaning the house, or washing the dishes. More important things in that should be in that bucket are family, financial issues, work, health, etc.   

I see this all the time in all aspects of my own life.  I would encourage anyone including myself to take an inventory of your priorities every quarter or at a minimum every six months…..are you making those daily deposits into the priorities of your life?  If not I do know it will cost you a lot in the long run….and I do not just mean money…..relationships, years off your life, enjoyment at the end of your life and more.

Accounting can be a very black and white analogy to life: debits and credits

Are you making smart deposits in your own future and others around you or are you constantly withdrawing from the present to rob your future and the future of others? 


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