Are you a tired mom?

That is kind of like a ridiculous question, right?  I mean if you are a mom you are automatically tired with all that is asked of you day in and day out.  I know this and I am not even a mom.  I know this as we work with so many moms and my wife happens to be one too.  If you are a mom you are likely in love with your kids…but you are over worked, nerves are at times frayed, and you sacrifice sleep for your family.

Again- we work with so many moms and many times this is what we hear.  They are tired and have little motivation to take care of themselves.  BUT he have found a way to help them….actually a lot of them!

We know that exercise does wonders for the body and energy levels…it gets the endorphins moving, it builds self confidence, and it often gives you some time for your mind to unwind.  However- we also know that it takes some motivation and desire to get going.

We tackle these issues in a few ways…through a relationship with your coach.  You will sit down to understand those issues and what you have tried to tackle your fatigue and fitness needs.  Your coach will help keep you on track and accountable.  You will be surrounded by moms who are or have been in situations like you.  This alone is a huge benefit…you need friends and you need them to support you.  Also, you need to have fun or you will not come back.

We work with moms to eliminate that fatigue feeling through sweating with other moms in a fun environment with supportive friends.  This yields a new you, a person more confident with more energy and a group of friends waiting for you!

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