April Athlete of the Month: Al Abbott

How did you get started at CS&F:
About four years ago, Charlene and I were having lunch one Saturday at the Subway just outside our neighborhood.  I noticed that the adjoining business was some strange type of gym and it was really rockin.  I had vaguely heard of CS&F, but I walked in that day (during a competition) and I signed up because it looked like a lot of fun.  My trainer Alison and I started working together and it was tough and very different from my previous gym experiences.  I even surprised Alison during my first fitness test while running with the wall ball.  In the questionnaire, I told her that I bike a little; but in reality, my favorite sport is mountain biking and I used to mountain bike race around the Southeast. Now I enjoy riding at a less break neck speed and occasionally mashing the pedal hard.
What is your favorite workout?
My favorite workouts always include the rower and my least favorite include wall balls.  I really enjoy back squats and deadlifts; so I decided last fall that I would do the Barbell Club in addition to the WODs.  I almost quit after the first workout because they didn’t do a back squat or a deadlift that day as I had expected.  I am so glad that I stayed because Scott has helped me learn and develop my Crossfit experience to another level.  Since I started, I have overcome the struggle I was having with several of the weight movements, I have gotten much stronger than I was before and my back started feeling better.  I don’t think BB Club will cure the common cold but I’ve really been surprised by the improvements I have achieved.  Oh and BB Club is like a hidden secret; so please don’t tell anyone.
What is your least favorite workout?
My Kryptonite is pull ups.  This is my biggest weakness that I’m currently working on.  There will be a video of me jumping up and down in joy when I can do 5 strict pull ups and/or a kipping pull up.  My other goals are to reach 415 lbs. in my deadlift, 315 in my back squat and 135 in a snatch squat.  I’m not rushing any of these goals.  I am working slowly and making incremental improvements so that I don’t injure myself.  When my body is ready; it will happen.
What is your favorite meal?
I’m not Italian; but I love to eat like one.  My favorite cheat meals are spaghetti and lasagna.  I’ve been working with Rachel, an awesome nutritionist, and I am shocked, shocked I tell you that pasta has a lot of calories.
What would you tell you someone interested in starting at CS&F?
I would tell a new member to set your goals and celebrate your PRs.  When you hit a significant PR, take a picture, put in on Facebook and tell the world what you have accomplished!
Jill and Hunter have built a great environment around our box and I am thankful to have this in my life.

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