Another Superfood Bites the Dust

If you think about it, the whole concept of a superfood is somewhat amusing at best: One day youre just a shrivelled up plum, and the next day youre the new miracle SUPERFOOD capable of boosting bone density. Thats right, apparently prunes increase bone density.

From prunes to flaxseed and chia seeds, to steal cut oats to avocados, who decides which foods have superfood qualities?

Did you know that as seemingly easy as it is to obtain superfood status, its just as easy to lose it?

This just happened to poor old green tea.

Just last week, green tea was considered a popular calorie-free superfood (, proven to help you lose weight. Some even believed it had the power to fight cancer. Because of this, people started taking it in supplement form.

Sigh. Today, green tea is off the superfood list and is actually believed to do more damage than good ( It is now believe that green tea supplements can cause liver damage. If youre suffering from liver failure, a cup of green tea might even kill you, theysay!

Further, the former superfoodwhen ingested in supplement formmight even decrease the effectiveness of certain antidepressants and anti-clotting medications. Oh, and it also could elevate your heart rate and blood pressure to unwanted levels.

Talk about a fall from grace!

It is now on the list of 15 supplement ingredients to avoid.

I know what youre thinking: Might it still possess the power to help me lose weight?

Unlikely, studies say.

Really, though? Did you really think leafy TEA had the ability to help you lose weight?

Instead of looking of magical, shortcut solutions in your foods, doesnt it make more sense to stick to eating whole, unprocessed foods while avoiding consuming too many widely-agreed upon damaging substances, like sugar and alcohol?

Here are a couple other notable stories published today in the wake of green teas tragic  fall:

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