An Open Letter to the Participants at the Summer Meltdown…

We (the boss lady and me) thought it was appropriate to share our thoughts after reflecting over a large meal of course. We often times get asked at events like this by a variety of folks- “are you guys competing or don’t you wish you were doing it?” The answer is yes it would be fun But it is also fun to see people we believe in do things they thought they could not, nor would not do at one point in their life.  
Take these for example…

Alicia Beasley telling us over 9 months ago she could never do one of these competition things and she rocked it out today.

Or Jason Hipps taking on his first competition and meeting his partner Todd this morning as they stood side by side to take on the workouts fearlessly.

How about Justin Sindersine never doing a one day competition before and rocked out 8 HSPUs, something he’s never done before.

It was fun to watch Mae beat her one rep deadlift by 5# for three reps today.

Or a guy from another gym who has been doing functional fitness (CrossFit) for over 2 years tells me this is his first competition and is loving this new aspect to his fitness…great work Mark.

How about the teamwork from Barry and Lee going all in on the suicide style partner carry….takes full commitment.

How about those Master Athletes taking on others 20 years younger- that take courage at times and still put up amazing results….good work Jenny, Barb, DD, John, Laura and several others.

And the birthday girl Nicole chose to do a competition on her special day with Jenna who stepped up to take on her first competition.

For those friends that traveled from far away and even out of state- we are grateful to see your smiling faces and the determination as you all compete…Lawson, Jessica, and Elizabeth.

To the new friends we made, the community of what we do is so generous back to us by ten fold.

Speaking of generosity- the judges “chose” to spend their day melting down in the hot heat so others could enjoy the competition. The mind numbing counting and the attentiveness to each rep often gets overlooked and under appreciated. Thank you to each of you- Mimi, Kim, Aubryn, Laura, Brent, Nina, Kelli, Rachel, and Ali. Thank you to the judges captain Allyson who jumped in and owned it like a boss!

For great neighbors like Sean Provost at CF Stand spending his whole day with us to get some film of everyone in action….going way beyond the call of duty. For the leaders at CFNA, Jonathan and Heather, coming to support us and their crew as they competed. For Alli Sutton bringing her friends down from CF Dawsonville and others supporting us as well.

This is not to take away from those people that stood a top of the podiums but simply to celebrate everyone. We were so proud to watch the winners take their respective places on the podiums as they certainly earned those places. Watching friends and others push themselves to a limit they do not always go to is impressive and to be respected. However, the joy of it all is that we all get to laugh and smile after the workout is over and the clock stops.

I digress by saying- the best part is we know that there are other stories that we may not have captured in this note but we know they are alive in the memories of those that came. I have heard a saying that goes something like this, “invest your resources NOT into things but rather into events that will create lasting memories and deepen bonds with others”. That is what I believe most all of us can walk away with today…lasting memories.

We are grateful to have a community at Cumming Strength and Fitness to belong to. A place where we have friends, a place to escape from the stress of life, and to just have fun with others. Very few places like this exist in the world we live in today…

So thank you to all that came out to participate and cheer each other on. We are grateful for each of you. Thank you for the sponsors that contributed to prize packs. Thank you to the volunteers that makes these things possible and thank you for the positive attitudes of everyone.

Jill and I are grateful to have this memorable event in our life and plan to have more in the future. 

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