A Generous Gym Community reaches other countries….

At Cumming Strength and Fitness- we are in the middle of a 5 week fitness tournament that centers around building community, having fun, with a touch of competition.  The goal is fun and to impact our community both inside the gym and outside.

I love to get to step back and watch how awesome and generous the people at CS&F are and they wear their hearts on their sleeves.  There are countless stories to mention but here are a few highlights….

-One of the teams in the tourney surprisingly decided to raise some funds to send a member on a mission trip to Haiti with a goal of $250.  3 Days later and they fully funded the trip with over $1,000 for a 10 day trip to help those less fortunate in Haiti.

-Carrying over fro the story above, they gym kept the momentum and went on to fund another mission trip of sort.  A family was going to volunteer their spring break to serve families dealing with cancer, so the gym stepped up and helped fund that trip.

-Well over 100 random acts of kindness were performed in our local community to unsuspecting folks.  Gifts were giving, card were written- to share a smile with someone.

These are a few small examples about how amazing our gym is.  Everyday I am blessed to be around these folks that push me and others to be a better person.

They lift us all up!  Keep getting fit- but be kind to others and share a smile or a good deed to make their day…that is more important than a six pack of abs!

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