6 Reasons why working out with your significant other makes the relationship better!

Finding similar commonalities is often the reason we fall in love with someone or enjoy spending time with good friends.  This is very true when it comes to working out together as well.  We have found that it is a powerful element for many coupes at Cumming Strength and Fitness.  Here are a few reasons why…

1- Communication is key to any lasting relationship, so we will help with you on this one by giving you something to talk about.  You will discuss the workout you each did and how it went.  The progress you made that day…even if you cannot go to the same class- you will both be on the same page.  It is fun to wind down the evening talking about something you can both understand.

2-I have heard this saying- “You cannot get quality time without quantity of time together”, so this is a great reason to sweat together.  Being able to spend time together, even at the gym, is a powerful part of the process.  Spend more time with the ones you care about with a barbell and/or a high heart rate.

3-The ability to do your own thing…..what I mean is that in our classes we can scale to any skill and ability all while doing the same things.  You can still be in the same room as your partner while doing the same workout differently.  You do not have to do completely different things….your coach will help with that.  So no more…I go run on the treadmill while he goes to the weights….we can put those things together for you.

4-You get opportunities to encourage each other.  We all as humans want to be noticed and appreciated…basically just want to be valued.  You will get to see your significant other working hard and can encourage them in their fitness journey.  That is powerful and the magic that makes relationships thrive….so share those encouraging words.

5-It gets you in the mood…you know to have fun.  Exercise does the body good and gets the blood flowing and endorphins up.  That makes you feel confident and confident people feel good.  That often leads to each other feeling attracted to each other.  Maybe more cuddling? 🙂

6-You will share a common group of friends.  You will instantly grow your group of friends by connecting with our couples who appreciate what you are doing.  It just makes life better….promise.

So come see us with that special person…I guarantee you will not regret it!

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